Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Trunk Series ~ Moments in Time ~ December 2, 1963

Fall of 1963 was my first semester at UCSB. I didn't have a car at the time and rode home for Thanksgiving with a friend from Mill Valley. I flew back on December 2nd. Take note of the cost of the flight. Yes, you're reading it correctly at $22.37. I looked up the conversion to 2014 dollars and it translates to $171.49. The actual cost of a one way flight, half a century later, is now about $220.00.  

Check out the Hertz ticket pouch. Oh Baby, a Chevy hardtop. Maggie, my housemate in the Pine Hall dorms, had a white one. We saw a lot of California in that beast and once set a land speed record from UCSB to Mill Valley to make it to a party at Rym Partridge's house. 

It's amazing how a small piece of paper can open doors to the past, to your history, and to some of your monumental dumb ass moves as a teenager. It's a wonder we survived our youth.