Thursday, November 27, 2014

De-Liver Me Tour ~ November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving is upon us and I have so much to be thankful for. The universe continues to amaze and reveal itself in curious ways.

When Starships Collide, Bright, Bold Colorful flower Photograph.  A universe of colors and texture, movement and light.  11x14 Color Print
When Starships Collide

UpdateI've been on the drug combo of Ribivarin and Sovaldi for Hepatitis C since October 17th. As reported before, there have been no side effects. What I wasn't prepared for was the swiftness of quantifiable results. I had baseline tests done on October 15th and my viral load was 135,825. At the end of the first week it was at 88 and has continued to drop. My liver inflammation indicators: AST, ALT and ALP are within the normal range for the first time in 20 plus years. Say What? I had my quarterly CT scan and MELD blood tests this week. What's next depends on the CT scan being clear and Hep C being undetectable in my blood. I should hear back from my doc next week.

One more thing off the list and a full circle tour: Headed to San Francisco on November 17th to get reacquainted with a couple we met through our friend Maureen Lomasney. Alice and John have generously offered Rod their spare bedroom while I'm captive a UCSF. After a short visit we headed to Mill Valley and on a whim stopped at Grilly's Mexican Food down near Tam High School for lunch. Great choice, excellent meal. Up and over Mt. Tam to Stinson Beach for a 2 mile walk and to check on the yard and house plants at my cousin's cabin. The day was absolutely gorgeous, we got home before dark and totally refreshed. 

Omne Trium Perfectum: In the last 5 days we've had friends visit from here and beyond, quite literally. One of my oldest pals, Tom Gross and his friend Suzanne, came by for a couple of hours on Saturday on their way back to New Hampshire. He's moving back home to Sebastopol in January after having been gone 7 years. Sunday and Monday, my college roommate, Maggie Rose and her husband came all the way from Cedro Woolley, WA for a two day visit. We hadn't seem them in 5 or 6 years. Last night my late friend Trisha showed up in my dreams with a hug and a smile. The clans and my spirit guides are gathering to walk with me on the journey, you may know them as you know me:

Crow: Questioner of Authority
Crow, nature photography, photo collage, Bird, Raven, Stormy, Clouds, Sepia, Brown, gothic, Fine Art Print 8x10

Wolf: Stamina and Strength
WOLF Watercolor Print by Dean Crouser

Swan: Beneath my serenity lies a fighting spiritWhite Swan photo bird photography, swan reflection nature art

Be thankful for family, friends and all the little things. Life is short so get off your butt and on with the journey.  Thanks once again to Etsy artisans who never fail at illustrating my thoughts and musings.