Monday, July 25, 2011

The African Queen

The last time we were here, in Aug 2007, Rod went bass fishing at o'dark thirty on a Saturday morning. The silent calm of his casting near a structure (fallen trees and weeds along the shore that provide a safe haven for bass) was suddenly broken by the roar of dozens of high powered engines and bright lights. He found himself smack dab in the middle of the start of a bass tournament. Boys with expensive toys.

We got here late Sunday morning and Rod decided to rent a little boat for some bass fishing today. At the rental desk we find out another bass tournament was just ending. What? He went out for a bit Sunday evening after all the boys were off the lake and again and early this morning. He only got a few bites and figures the bass were pretty wary after the weekend. Next time we come up we'll make sure it's before or way after a tournament.

As requested the overcast burned off so Mr. Allnut and I took the African Queen up the channel to the north lake to explore. It's much less developed and is all private property. There are a lot of sweet little lake front homes for sale and it got us to fantasizing about gathering a few friends together to go in on a place.

Think we'll move on tomorrow to explore someplace new for a couple of days. Now I'm going to go sit in the sun while Rod fixes dinner ~ I was smart to marry the chef!

Ducks Aloud (for Bonky)