Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We depart Lakeside midmorning and turn north. Rod has a couple of days left on his Oregon fishing license so we're off to find a fishing stream. There's a little BLM campground at Smith River Falls just north of Reedsport and 26 miles east on a delightfully uncrowded (5 cars) scenic drive along the river.

As we near our destination the river bottom changes from rocks to sandstone steps peppered with water worn cavities created by eons of rocks spinning in the river current. The falls is at a summer low, but in spring it's about 150' wide. There is a very intricate cement fish ladder that climbs the north side of the river and a great network of pools and natural slides.

The 10 space campground is on the river and we find a nice spot to set up camp. We're in a bit of a rain forest so it's warm and humid. Spent some time wading in the river.

Rod is off to fish and I decide to stretch out on the couch and read. He's back 4 hours later grinning like the Cheshire cat. Dancing with the fishes. From Rod:
$70 for Oregon fishing license 
 7 brook trout caught and released
found graphite pole and reel
on a grass hummock in the river
when the lure snagged my vest
4 hours of grinning

BLM and other free campgrounds attract all kinds. Our neighbors ranged from college students, to young families, to a middle aged man quietly practicing the guitar. The spoiler appeared about 5:30, a man being a really bad role model for his two young daughters: beered, loud, bad eighties music and firecrackers. So much for peace and quiet.

Rod and I look at each other and say uh-uh, no way, we have choices. So we pack it up and head back to 101 and north about 10 miles to a little RV Park on Woahink Lake ~ sand dunes, hot showers, dinner and some reading. The drive, the fishing and the photographic opportunities were well worth the trip. As for the camper from Hell ~ Oh Well!

Wednesday morning coffee ~ breakfast and laundry next. As you can see nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel. We'll plan today's journey over breakfast.