Monday, July 25, 2011

Norther We Go

07/23/11 ~ After breakfast we left Gold Beach and headed north to Bandon. One of our favorite camping spots is at Bullards Beach, but it's Saturday and sure enough the campground is full, so norther we go to Coos Bay. The Mill Casino has great food, awesome views and a nice RV park on the shore of the Coos River where it meets the bay. We decided to spend the night and do some recon on our next move. Tough day today, covered a grand total of 80 miles. We left a little cash there but were entertained for hours so no complaints.

07/24/11 ~ After breakfast at the Plank Restaurant (why mess up the rig kitchen) we decided to continue north. The Rodster is up for some bass fishing so instead of backtracking to Bandon we head to Lakeside to spend a few days on Ten Mile Lake at Osprey Point (a whopping 15 mile drive). Our site is right on the lake. We took a little walk up the small channel that connects the lakes and found these water lilies.

It's overcast and cool, but quite pleasant. Here's the view from the campsite. We've seen osprey, blue herons, geese and mallards from the shore. Red bean soup with fresh garden veggies for dinner. Popcorn and a great Oregon Public Television special on photographers called "Outdoor Idaho" before bed. We're definitely going to have to put Idaho on the adventure list.

Hoping the sun will break through tomorrow so I can get out with my camera. If not no worries, I've got a murder mystery and some earring making parts so I'm a happy camper.