Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can't Judge a Book by It's Cover

7/29 Evening ~ 7/30 Morning

Just after dinner we hear and then see 6 motorcycles come down off the knoll to the tent camp area at the opposite end of the site. We're thinking oh boy here we go again! With age comes some wisdom and you realize that first visual impressions aren't always the correct ones. From the plates we see the group was from Boise, ID and all about our age. How bad can bikers be with a stuffed dog lashed to the top of one of the riders backpacks? They we're funny, quiet and respectful of other campers ~ so there you go!

Built a fire last night and spent and hour or two mesmerized ~ drifting back to ancient times as keepers of the flame. We let the fire die down about 10:30 and stretched out with pillows under our heads. Rod has an app on his IPhone called Star Walk. You hold it up to the sky in any direction and it will identify what stars and constellations you're looking at. Almost directly above us was the Alpha Capricornid. On the screen you could see the meteors not visible to the naked eye, pretty amazing stuff. We did okay with our primitive style of skywatching and spotted quite a few. Rod got up at 1:30 and saw 5-6 more. I was up at 3:30 and saw a huge one go all the way across the sky. 

We're up a little after 6am thanks to the resident goose and his gang of mallards who hang out at the dock. We've got chairs, fishing gear, a campstove and other gear out on the picnic table next to the rig. We're sipping coffee and gazing out the window when the owner's quad come down the hill to our site. Rod's first thought is jeeze louise he's come to complain about all our gear being out. Not! A gentle knock on the door and he tells us his wife has fresh coffee and hot pancakes at the barn if we'd like to join them. From Rod a sheepish grin and perfect eye roll (Nancy understands). Met and chatted with other campers from around the country.

Because we're only about 15 miles from the coast the Siuslaw River is tidal driven. Really low this morning so after breakfast Rod took his book and fishing gear down to the dock to watch the river rise and got a couple nibbles. We learn that mid-September through mid-October it not unusual to catch a 30 lb. salmon or steelhead from the dock, we may have to come back in the fall.

Settled in for a day of reading and cribbage. We can rent large innertubes for $2 and the owner will drive us up river and drop us off to drift back. Might be a great afternoon adventure. Lazy Days Rule!