Monday, August 1, 2011

High Drama or High Comedy?

7/30 Day 2 on the Siuslaw River - the morning dawns calm and cool.

We spend most of the day reading in the shade and Rod once again tries to catch something with fins ($36 for two day license, no fish = recreational therapy). 

Early afternoon some new neighbors move in a couple of campsites away, three women on a girl's weekend, to relax and do some clamming on at the coast tomorrow. 

River etiquette requires you slow your boat down when passing other boats or docks where boats are moored otherwise your wake can reek havoc. A couple of idiots in a speed boat keep racing up and down the river towing someone on an inner tube. Truth be told it looked like fun, but the waves were banging the moored pontoon and pleasure boats against the dock.

One of the pontoon boats evidently belongs to the owner of the Park, who was up visiting for a few days and checking in with the camp hosts. All of a sudden the four of them come running down the knoll between our sites, yelling at the boaters to slow the bleep down and trying to get a hull number so they can report them to the sheriff. The boaters flip off the "river rangers" and continue the joy ride. The park owner then fires up his pontoon boat and parks it in the middle of the river prepared for a showdown.

At this point we share a double take with the neighbors. One of them shouts "I thought we were here for some peace and quiet?" to which Rod responds "It's Days of our Lives" and we all disintegrate into laughter (out of earshot of the owners of course).

Things calmed down for a bit and then we figure the owners and camp hosts get their wires crossed again. One of the guests has a small boat that didn't need to be moored so it was pulled up on the bank and tied to a piling. He's taking his dog and some gear back his site further up the hill when the owner's wife asks what he's going to do about his boat battery. He calmly replies that he'd be back for it since his hands are full. The next thing we know the camp host's wife is in screaming hysterics because this poor guy (I'd say harassed camper) came somewhat unglued when she too asks him about moving the battery. File this one under "too many cooks in the kitchen" or "who's on first?"

Geeze Louise what a side show - towards dusk they all retreat to the barn and us peace loving campers get on with fixing dinner and settling in around our campfires.

We did see a couple of more meteors but the fog was starting to roll in so we called it a night. Got most of our gear put away that was outside, but had to wait until we can retract the slide out in the morning before we can stow Rod's Grillmaster Grill and propane bottles.

The saga continues...