Monday, August 1, 2011

Add a Little Sweet to the Lemonade

07/31 ~ Day 3 on the Siuslaw River dawns on a bit of a sour note. We emerge from the rig to find that our Grillmaster grill and propane case have been pinched. Good thing we packed everything else up last night! The girls next door had left for the coast before we got up so we couldn't ask if they'd heard anything. The bicycle campers down the way thought they'd heard a boat about 11:30pm.

Our theory is that it was probably the disgruntled speed racers from yesterday getting back at the owners. Our rig was on the perimeter of the camp area open to trees and the riverbank and no doubt the path of least resistance for the local opportunists. The violation of trust initially ticks us off, but truth of the matter is that it's just stuff and can be replaced. We have a hearty breakfast, report it to the owners and then take off on our adventure to Sweet Creek Falls. Once on the trail the morning's disappointment is quickly forgotten.

Following the ancient trail ~ hieroglyphics from another time

 The Upper Falls

Trail to the Homestead

The walk from the upper falls down to the lower trail head of Sweet Creek is about a mile. The morning is cool and as the sun rises in the sky the light continues to change providing great photographic opportunities. Back to the rig and off to the coast.

Rod's thinking he'd like to get more fishing in before we head home so we spend the night in Coos Bay and tonight just north of Crescent City in a place called the Redwoods. Tomorrow we'll start to check out the rivers along the coast route to home (Klamath, Mad, Van Duzen and Eel). No hurry, we still have five days to explore.