Saturday, August 13, 2011

Furball in a Calico Jumpsuit

Our neighbors are off on a month long adventure to deliver their two eldest to colleges in the north central and south eastern US. Their housesitter fell through at the last minute and they asked if we could take care of the cat. I have a slight allergy to some cats, but she's the very independent outdoor type so we figured it would be fine. One of the boys carried her up the morning they left, put her and her food bowl on our deck along with a 25lb bag of kibble. She's a small calico with amazing green eyes.

Around dinner time I was cleaning up in the kitchen and turned to ask Rod if he'd fed her yet. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I hear a thunk and look up to see four paws attached to the window screen over the kitchen sink. Like most cats she is a quick study.

We have a couple of padded rockers on the deck, she has already claimed one and spends her nights there atop a folded up sleeping bag. If her bowl's empty she'll knock on the screen door or follow you around outside until you get the message. Her given name is Princess Paddy Paws but she goes by Kitty. She's only been here a week and is already growing on us.