Sunday, August 7, 2011

Post Scripts

IPhonea: Land sakes, not only does an IPhone have a yellow pad for notes you can email to yourself, it also makes videos (Showing my age, eh? Well I'm at an age where I don't really give a rat's patootie what people think and that's a very liberating state of mind). Little did I know, until we got home from this trip, that Rod had made a video while I was taking photos at Sweet Creek Falls. Dignity be damned, the shot was worth it and so was the video.  

Bird Straifing: Our rig has two small (10" x 10") screened skylights for ventilation and light, one in back by the kitchen and one up front. The first thing you do when setting up camp is to open them. Instead of a sleeping area up over the cab there's a television flanked by storage cabinets. After a walkabout day and dinner one night we decided to watch a movie. I noticed something splattered on the lower corner of the screen that looked like bird poop. Sure enough a wet paper towel confirmed it. When you think about the physics of a straifing flyby that made it through a 3" opening and screen at the proper angle to hit the TV screen it was pretty amazing.  

Dogs in pickups: I always worry about dogs riding loose in pickup truck beds. Many owners have their pups safely tethered but a majority don't. We were stopped at a red light in Bandon, OR when an older Jeep Cherokee pulled up next to us. The rear driver side window was down. A happy looking German Shepherd was sitting in the seat with his head out the window and his seat belt on. That's what I call a responsible owner or one smart dog!

When eating out in Oregon always ask your waitress about portions: We were totally shocked at the lumberjackesque portions served at restaurants in Oregon and learned to ask questions first. When we asked our waitress at a Coos Bay eatery if the half portion of a particular salad would be enough if we split it she simply smiled and said "Oh Yeah". We did our best to finish it, but it may have been enough for a family of four.

So the point is: Plan less and wander more. Don't take things so seriously. There is something amusing in any situation. Squeeze the life out of every day before your head hits the pillow. Sweet Dreams!