Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Journey of Another Kind

The day before we left on our Oregon adventure in July, I had my annual mammogram done. When we got back there was a message that my radiologist wanted an additional one. I went in Aug 8th and waited while she went over the new films. 

She discovered some minuscule calcifications in my left breast and suggested that I have a Stereotactic Biopsy. They had an opening that afternoon so I decided to just do it before I had time to over think it. The procedure is a minimally invasive one that uses computerized three dimensional imaging to pinpoint suspicious areas and allow samples to be taken with a needle. Much to my surprise and relief it was not uncomfortable. By Thursday I had results and an appointment with my Breast Care Coordinator to discuss results and talk about options for treatment.

"Don't Panic" from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

What I have is called Invasive Ductal Carcinoma - most in situ (in the duct) and some outside the duct, hence the "invasive" moniker. The area is quite small and thought to be Stage I at this point. Early detection may well play a role in my future. If it's been awhile since your last mammogram I have three words for you "JUST DO IT".

Ladies with Attitude
My girlfriends are women with attitude and several are breast cancer survivors. All have embraced me with love, knowledge, humor, and offers of the occasional kick in the butt as needed. The most important message thus far is "be your own advocate and don't hesitate to ask questions or get a second opinion".

Leaning on a Friend

Needless to say, I'm calling all my spirit guides back from their reveries, retirement and galactic roadtrips.

The Appearance ~ Guardian Angel

Time to cowgirl up! It is what it is and I intend to face it with my usual optimism and the love and strength of my knight/chef and friends. Writing is good medicine for me so I have decided to blog about the journey.


Thought for the Day: Quit sitting around waiting for life to happen and start chasing your dreams. Just breathe deep and jump!