Friday, August 5, 2011

The Turn for Home

Did you ever ride horses when you were a kid? A horse always seems to sense when you make the turn for home. Ears perk up and each step has a little more spring. We've been out for a little over two weeks on a grand adventure: some places familiar and some new ~ but for the first time in ages it's been on our terms, at our pace. Once back to the coast we begin the journey south, excited about getting home.

We camped in the Redwoods north of Crescent City and spent the next night with old friends in McKinleyville. Our last night out was at Richardson's Grove on the Eel River just south of Benbow. There's magic in the grove that's enthralled me since I was a kid. Posted on the nature walk in one of the groves are words from John Steinbeck:

The redwoods, once seen,
leave a mark or create a vision
 that stays with you always...
they are not like any other trees we know,
they are ambassadors from another time

An afternoon walk along the river and up through the redwoods back to camp for dinner, cribbage and reading was the perfect last day out. We read seven books between the two of us ~ time well spent.

We got "back to our barn" around 1pm yesterday and took a deep breath. As much as we enjoy travelling we love getting home even more. Friends and neighbors cared for the house and gardens in our absense. The weather is quintessential summer with foggy mornings and warm breezy afternoons. A few chores have piled up, but we have ripe tomatoes, blackberries to pick and the Gravenstein apples are almost ready to harvest for pies and applesauce. The Sonoma County Fair is in full swing so that's next on our to do list. Hope you've enjoyed the journey.