Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cha Cha Cha ~ Changes April 17, 2012

Everyone looks at time in a different way. Everyone looks different in time. It's always on the move, but I've never considered its passage as something to be feared. With age we gain perspective, wisdom and sense of self. 

Rod and I have travelled through three decades together, now waltzing blithely through our mid-sixties. Oh sure the hair is silver, we've cornered the market on wrinkles and age spots and the sound effects of moving around are getting louder and more frequent. Like everyone else, we have our share of ups and downs. But when we catch ourselves whining (to protest in a childlike fashion) we invoke the "There's a $5 Fine for Whining" rule immortalized by songwriter Chris LeDoux.

No Whining

Whining, complaining or dwelling on the negative accomplishes absolutely nothing. Attitude is everything, so get up in the morning and choose a good one. If you're having a crappy day, it's probably your own fault: clouds have silver linings, doors close windows open, plant a seed harvest food, call in well and take a time out. As a cancer survivor I know the power of staying positive. Life is too short to waste any of it on the dark side. You have choices and options Cupcake so make 'em count. I mean really: 

  • We no longer give a rat's patooty what others think
  • We get senior discounts
  • We are free to move about the cabin and not act our age
  • We are free to follow muses and dance with abandon
  • We know things that younger generations are still in the dark on
  • Live up to your expectations not those of others
  • Let people go who bring you down
  • Keep a journal (they're fun to read decades later)
  • Take a camera every time you go outside
  • Mentor a kid
  • Research your history
  • Volunteer some time ~ you'll be amazed at the returns
  • Commit random acts of kindness

Time Stream 

Life is a moveable feast and the memories will travel with you for the rest of your life. Build some good ones! Henry David Thoreau got it right:

"Time is but the stream I go a fishing' in"