Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Neighborhood ~ April 6, 2012

Daylight savings and a change of season often bring minor league chaos for a week or two. The weather's been cold and wet and we've all been inside for far too long ~ cabin fever is afoot.

Cabin Fever

Not ones to squander time we got creative while awaiting the warm. We read and scheduled playdays that weren't weather dependent. I volunteered time at a local non profit and learned how to do collage. Rod got his shop cleaned up and gear organized for bass fishing. But be that as it may we were still chomping at the bit to get outside, get our hands dirty garden and open up the house to some fresh air.

We live near the end of a lane that's far enough in the country to be quiet, but close enough to town we can walk the mile or so to the theater, a park or a restaurant. We've lived on this little piece of paradise for 24 years, but the real magic is that we have the best neighbors in the world.

We watch out for each other, take turns feeding critters or watering when one is out of town. Over the proverbial back fence or on the driveway we often share home grown produce, conversation and goodies from fresh fish to cut flowers, from homemade pies to soup. We've known the resident kidlets since they were born. We share friends and laughter at BBQ's, birthday parties and spur of the moment gatherings.


Our four families hadn't seen each other for almost a week but today was the quintessential day to exhale winter and breathe in the spring. At the first hint of warmth the bears emerged from their lairs. We got the barn organized and talked dahlias over the back fence. We toured the garden with the moms and kids to harvest fresh greens and got caught up standing in the sun on the driveway. I suspect that all of us, at one time or another during the day, stretched out like lizards on a rock to soak up some warm. We are so lucky to live where we do and to share this bond of friendship.

Planet Shared

Do you know your neighbors? Have you ever spoken to them? Maybe it's time to go next door and say hello with some fresh baked cookies? Get to know the kindred spirits that share your little corner of the world. You might be surprised.