Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Musings April 5, 2012

I just had my annual physical. As I left his office my Doc said "You're the poster child for doing it right. I can't scold you about anything." Music to the ears of a certifiable member of the Silver Squadron. As you get older you realize no one's going to take of your body but you. It's the no excuses tour baby, time to get on board!

Sunrise Squadron

On that high note I headed over to the Apple Store to assess the cost of replacing my vintage Dell with an iMac (it's going to happen because I'm worth it and life is short). As I'm walking back to the car a literary bolt of lightning momentarily derails my train of thought.

"Keep a clear head and always carry a light bulb."

It's a line from  D.A. Pennebaker's documentary of Dylan's 1965 English tour Don't Look Back. Why it should surface now I have no idea, except that I walked past two dumpsters on the way to my car. Say what?

My friend Kelly and I saw the film in 1967 while we were at UCLA. The theater was in downtown LA. We ended up getting there a little early and decided to take a walk.

Bob Dylan ~ Warfield 1979

As we strolled down the boulevard something caught his eye. I didn't give a second thought to following him into an alley behind a retail store (the Sixties were a different time). There he liberated a couple of fluorescent tubes from a dumpster.  A new idea for a piece of conceptual art? Star Wars light sabers before there was Star Wars? No telling what sparked that moment, but when we heard Dylan say "Keep a clear head and always carry a light bulb" the meaning was obvious. 

You never know what's important until it is!