Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a Thought Series ~ June 16, 1975

Aspen, Colorado ~ Curled up in a down filled nest at my friend's house sipping a cup of morning coffee ~ my thoughts wander to the very large boulder that occupies part of the space and then to home. I see contradictions in where I am there and where I could be. This isn't negative space, but the start of a learning phase. Things I want to change will take patience and time and it begins with me.

I need to be my own resource and expose myself a little more to the world. It's so easy to become complacent and caught up in the minutia of the every day. Practicality keeps one secure, but not always stimulated. Time to start thinking outside the box.

Outside the Box

Coming to the Rockies on this little adventure has awakened my mind from the stillness of a long winter's spell, literally and figuratively. The buds of spring are full to bursting, creativity and inspiration flow like a snowmelt river. I am aware of an unrestlessness I have not known for awhile. Time out and adventures need to occupy a larger percentage of my time.